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Espai TReS is leaded by Xavier Basora and Xavier Sabaté, with Jordi Romero-Lengua and Irene Navarro as regular collaborators. We also have a network of collaborators from other professional specialties.

Our academic training is based on the environmental sciences, although we have complemented it in disciplines such as participation, communication and planning. We balance our academic training on land and environment with the skills needed to promote a more responsible land management.

We are committed to networking, thus complementing our skills with professionals from other disciplines such as graphic design, web programming, biology, sociology, etc. We believe in multidisciplinary teams and, whenever it is possible, in every project we look for the profiles that best fit.

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Xavier Basora Xavier Sabaté
Xavier Basora Xavier Sabaté
Trained as environmentalist and journalist, he has specialized in communication and participatory processes facilitation, especially regarding nature, rural areas and responsible and sustainable tourism. His blog "Per terra, mar i aire" (in Catalan) is about ecotourism in Catalonia.
Environmentalist and MsC in Geography, has extended his studies in other fields such as landscape planning, sociology and education. His work focuses on the design and facilitation of deliberative processes, and on technical and professional training. Since 2011 he is the director of a MsC in Environment issued by the University of Barcelona.
My passion is to discover areas, close and far away, and to try to share them with everyone through words and images. So I've been practicing photography, hiking and eco-tourism for years. I guess that's why I devote myself to disclose all the treasures of our land, hoping that together we will have a little more care of them. Curious and playful by nature, I love discovering the beauty of small things in everything that surrounds me. I see land as a big puzzle and I love exploring its many connections. A perfect weekend: enjoying the rich and diverse Catalan landscape by bike, to end up with a meal with local products in good company.

 Regular collaborators

Irene Navarro Jordi Romero-Lengua
Irene Navarro Jordi Romero-Lengua
Trained as environmentalist, with a master's degree in landscape planning. She has specialized in the elaboration of landscape and sustainability projects, using citizen participation, design and communication techniques. She also collaborates with the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia and the Catalan Society of Spatial Planning.
Trained as environmentalist, he has specialized in persuasive communication and values-driven marketing. He was Espai TReS founder partner. Actually, he works like a Strategic Planning Director on sustainability communication agencies, is blogger, and lecturer in universities and business schools. He collaborates with Espai TReS in communication and marketing projects.
Convinced environmentalist, urbanite from Barcelona and beach lover. I've an inquiring mind, I'm a bit of a hipster and I'm always looking for new challenges. I like learning new things, the innovation process, all the better if it is from a social and responsible approach. I pay attention to detail and design, I like the image and the spontaneity, maybe that's why I am an amateur instagramer. Social transformation can happen only after conscious awaken. That's why I entered a path of inner search, which I try to apply in my daily life and my work. I'm minimalist, gestaltist, martial artist and a convinced urban cyclist.

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Espai TReS · Land and Social Responsibility is a team that designs and provides tools to involve public authorities, non-profit organizations, businesses and citizens towards a more responsible land management. [+]


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