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Nature and biodiversity

Biodiversity and natural areas conservation is essential to preserve life on our planet and ensure the welfare of human beings. And everyone has some responsibility.


Landscape is an area as perceived by people. This definition highlights the importance of society involvement in the planning and management of precious and everyday landscapes.

Land stewardship

One of the more participatory ways to conserve nature and landscape is land stewardship, a land conservation tool that actively involves private property, non-profit organisations and other stakeholders.

Land and urban planning

Urban planning affects the environment in which people live. Involving society at all stages of planning is essential to ensure its quality and feasibility.


Ecotourism enables to discover natural areas responsibly, while benefiting local communities. Ecotourists also help preserving the places they visit.

Culture of sustainability

The culture of sustainability means to establish a society that combines personal fulfilment and the balance of planet Earth. Responsible land management is aligned with the culture of sustainability.

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Espai TReS · Land and Social Responsibility is a team that designs and provides tools to involve public authorities, non-profit organizations, businesses and citizens towards a more responsible land management. [+]


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