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Territory and Landscape Foundation

Territory and Landscape Foundation

Territory and Landscape Foundation, established by the Caixa Catalunya Social Work, began operations in early 1998. Its main objectives were to collaborate in the conservation of natural heritage and landscape, and educate all segments of society on environmental values.

To achieve these objectives, the Foundation developed a range of activities: land acquisition of high ecological, landscape or emblematic areas, land stewardship agreements with public/private stakeholders, education and public awareness on environmental issues and natural heritage conservation, including the creation of facilities and nature schools for this purpose, collaboration with other nature conservation stakeholders, and financial support to nature conservation projects.

As a result of the restructuring of Caixa Catalunya, the foundation ceased to exist at the end of 2010, although many of its functions have been assumed by the Department of Land and Environment CatalunyaCaixa Social Work.


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Espai TReS · Land and Social Responsibility is a team that designs and provides tools to involve public authorities, non-profit organizations, businesses and citizens towards a more responsible land management. [+]


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